Daniel Schneider, Ph.D. Welcome to my data blog which is called Black & White Data. I am Daniel and I like to share insights into data. Below you find some info on myself and this blog.

What I do?

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Besides my interest in data I am also into stocks and data all about investing. Partially, you will also find some visualizations on my blog that are related to the finance sector.

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Data Science/AI

Data Science and AI is a field that has stuned me just recently. During my research, I was always into algorithms and data structures. But the possibilities that arise with artificial intelligence in combination with data is just amazing and has drawn my attention.

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Computer Science

In my youth, I have already started programming, and coding was at my side since then. After I finished my master's degree in mathematics I decided to go for a Ph.D. in computer science. More precisely, in the field of algorithms and data structures. A few years back, I successfully finished this part of my life and since then, I apply computer science to my daily work.

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Numbers and the math behind them has always been something that got me interested. This is the reason I went for a university degree in math. Math has so many faces and most people, sadly, only get to know math from school which is just a fraction of the world of mathematics. Back during my studies, I had to make a tough decision. The one route was to go for a math degree with the background of computer science and the other route was to go for a financial background. As a was interested in both topics, this was quite a hard decision to take and I, in the end, took computer science. I have never regretted this decision but therefore, investing and finance have remained a passion of mine.

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