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Welcome Black & White Data is a blog for data visualization. I will show you all kind of data. Funny data, interesting data and some data, that might make you think. And yes, I can't deny that some inspirations come from the subreddit DataIsBeautiful. But same as there, all sources and licences are mentioned and linked. If you are an IT guy like me, you can check and verify out my source code of all data computations on Github. Note, that this blog is still young and content is still limited.

I wish you a pleasant visit here on my blog and with all the data. If there is data you would like to see a visualization or you just want to give feedback, don't hesitate to

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Worldwide Data

Here you find data analysis from data all around the world.

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Entertainment Data

Check out data analysis from movies, music, social media, video games and all about enteraintment.

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Computer Science Data

In this area we will do data analysis about computer science topics. It might get a bit nerdy, but in a good way.

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Cryptocurrency Data

Interested in some data about cryptocurrencies, the new age of block chain and digital payment? Here you find some data analysis.